Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Wishlist Poll Takes A Holiday

The annual Wishlist Poll – which normally runs in October with the reuslts widely published on RMweb and in the press – is ‘taking a holiday’ this year but plans to be back in 2018.

The Poll Team feels that this short break will be helpful as the results have been consistent over the past few years and some manufacturers are in a ‘catch-up’ situation with their programmes.

Since publication of the results of The Wishlist Poll 2016 last November and up to mid-September 2017, 15 all new items have been announced in 00:
12 from the High Polling Segment – five of which are in The Top 50
3 from the Middle Polling Segment
0 from the Low Polling Segment

Full results from the 2016 poll can be found here. 

If you have any queries or would like further 

The Poll Team can be contacted at: thepollteam@gmail.com


Paul B. said...

Once upon a time wishlists were frowned upon on RMweb, along with froth and chaff...

Phil Parker said...

One wishlist a year is enough. The problem comes when you have a new one being started every day.