Sunday, September 17, 2017

White Horse Model Engineering and Garden Railway Show 2017

Another weekend, another exhibition to visit. Batting down the Fosse Way for a couple of hours brought me to the White Horse Country park where I found model engineering and garden railway show. Pretty much perfect for me, especially when I found this sign.

A good sign

A restorative slice of cake and cup of tea later, I was able to enjoy the show. Inclement weather didn't put too much of a damper on things. For a start, there was a tent full of model engineering and garden railways such as this lovely DeWinton.


The owner had inherited it from another engineer and is busy replacing the crank axle so it can be returned to steam. Better still, underneath the table was a loco I really coveted.

Atlas works Polar Bear

A rare Atlas Works model of Polar Bear. Years ago, when this was being advertised, the maker sent me some photos but I didn't have a hope of affording it. Pity really, as the model looks fantastic.

Pillar drill

Alongside the tent was the garden rail track seen in yesterdays video plus a raised track and several stationary engines puttering away.

Moving to the hall, there was a tent full of Indian Hill Railway running with self-weathering locos.

Dirty Darjeeling loco

This was a work trip so there was much chat with the owners of this layout. My camera went for a ride here too, I'll try and get the results edited an on here next week. Much chat with the trade both here and in the hall. People are starting to recognise me, which is the point of all these miles on the road. 

The more I get into this end of the hobby seriously, the more I'm finding of interest. Look out for the results in an issue of Garden Rail in the next few months. 

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tony taylor said...

Polar bear would make a nice ON16 model if you had a spare black beetle or similar..