Friday, November 28, 2008

Airfix Beam Engine Kit

Beam Engine Kit
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A big tick on the kits I've always wanted to build list with this one. Somewhere on a bookshelf is a 1970's Airfix catalogue which lists all sorts of delights including the science range of models. This comprised a beam engine, Trevithic locomotive and later a paddle steamer engine. All moulded in plastic and all intended to move, especially if motorised.

Finally the beam engine and locomotive have been re-released. I order the former from my local model shop (they get Airfix stuff from the Hornby rep) and £11.45 later I had the kit in my hand. A few hours later it had hit the modelling board.

My plan is to try and built it well enough that the model could pass, from a distance, as a Stuart Models engine. Much as I'd love to build and own one of these fantastic models they are well out of my skill and price range. That means the plastic has got to look like metal. Hmmmm.

You can buy the plastic kit here.

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