Monday, November 10, 2008

Boat Show Day 3

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The third day started quietly. Although there was a queue at the door, it wasn't as large as the first two days. Walking around the hall was still reasonably easy making that last minute shopping a doodle.

The highlight, for me, was the two minute Remembrance Day silence. I have always found this more moving when it takes place at a show rather than at a War Memorial. Here, people don't have to shut up. They do it because they want to. Added to this, at 11am the pond was full of warships adding extra poignancy to the moment.

Afterwards the hall filled a little more. Many of the traders were running out of products and having to offer free postage instead. Lucky the crowd is more families than enthusiasts so the demand wasn't as strong. Those selling specialist bits such as boat fittings didn't do that well but the first two days compensated for this.

By the end of the weekend we'd talked ourselves hoarse and hopefully picked up a few new members for the club. The show is fun but three days is plenty. Mind you it is a nice venue so things could have been a lot worse. Our stand looked good and won third prize behind the Lifeboats and Warship stands which made it the best Club stand. Well deserved in my opinion as there was a huge range of boats on display and helpful members manning it at all times. The DVD had plenty of viewers too who seemed to enjoy it, or at least hung around long enough to be swooped on by a member proffering leaflets !

And I did end up on telly. And I did look every bit as stupid as expected. The rest of the report looked good though.

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