Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chassis testing

Chassis and tender

Having a layout handy is allowing me to test the Bulldog locomotive chassis on real track. This is better than a test track because it has curves and checkrails and lumps. It's very easy to build a chassis that won't go around corners 'cos you haven't allowed enough sideplay and these sort of problem often only come to light when the loco is pressed into service. Most of my stuff gets a run on a layout long before paint is applied if at all possible - it's so much easier to wield the soldering iron or files when you aren't worried about messing up the paint.

As it is, this chassis traverses the curves OK but I'd like to get some power onboard for a proper test. A little more side slop might them be needed, mind you, these curves are on the tight side - the Terrier binds a little when I run it and it's got a similar wheelbase.

You'll notice the tender has advanced a bit too. The axleboxes are on and thanks to some filing on the chassis and removal of axle pin points, it's sitting on its wheels too. I'd be intrigued to see how a P4 modeller would cram everything in under there as the OO wheels are a squeeze. I suppose it could be done but the faces of the wheels would be perilously close to the back of the outside frames.

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