Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Facts about the Triang Giraffe Car

Triang Giraffe Car

The Interweb is full of FACTS so here are a few about the R.348 Triang Giraffe Car:

1) The model was in the catalogue from 1963 to 1971 with the exception of 1970 when it was mysteriously absent.

2) Like many Triang operating accessories, the inspiration was a Lionel O gauge model.

3) According to the 1969 catalogue, the Giraffe's name is Georgina. Previously it had been referred to as Georgie.

4) Due to the box inner not including a hole for the left ear, this tends to be knocked off in transit. 2-eared giraffe's are rare and you can normally point out the missing Auris. I've bagged a few discounts this way.

5) It is the best model railway wagon ever made. Why it has never been re-introduced is a mystery.


Nick Brad said...

Over on New Railway Modellers forum we've been discussing the Airfix/Bachmann exploding car and accompanying trap door car which was part of an old set and can be found on ebay.
I think it's a shame that items such as these are no longer available. Roughly once a year the question crops up, what can we do to introduce younger people to the hobby. The answer is re-release these types of rolling stock :)

Phil Parker said...

Hornby have re-run the exploding car and helicopter wagon. The log unloading set was also reproduced with a new unloading device.

I'd agree that wagons with more "play value" might help expose a few more people to train sets. Does that get them modelling? Well, I don't see how it would hurt.

And yes, I must try to add the Airfix wagons to my collection. A Dr X set would be nice too...

Nick Brad said...

It's funny you mentioned the Dr X set, the conversation on NRM also went onto that. Maybe I should keep my eyes peeled for one, (not literally, that sounds painful).

Phil Parker said...

I recall the review described DR X as "the first corpulent model figure".