Friday, November 18, 2016

DC sound surprise

With the N gauge layout set up, I took the opportunity to try out a few bits of rolling stock I've borrowed from the BRM reviews cupboard.We've a Farish pannier tanks and coaches to give away with the model, and I don't want these to be worn out by the time they go, so some stand-in stock for use at Warley seems like a good idea. 

First on the tracks is a Farish Class 108 DMU. I remember these as a youth and miss them a little now. 

Anyway, I turn the controller up and nothing happens. At first, I think it's broken but all of a sudden, the model starts making noise. On DC! After the startup routine is finished, of it rumbles making more sound and gradually building up speed. 

And you know what? It sounds pretty good. I have a theory that N gauge sound works well because you are effectively seeing the model from a great distance and don't miss the earth-moving bass that should accompany being closer to the source of the sound. 

Whatever, I spent half an hour thrashing this around, including filming this (sorry it's not great, the editing software has finally given up the ghost on this PC) little demo. With a bit of luck, you should be able to enjoy the effect yourself at Warley in a couple of weeks.

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Nick Brad said...

I was curious if it was just the motor being noisy or actual sound fitted, either way it does sound effective.

On a sound related note, I watched a video yesterday about the ESU Loksound V4 chips and it showed off some of their functions. I used to be all against sound fitted locos due to their shortcomings, but that completely changed my mind.

The link is if you wanted to take a look.