Sunday, November 06, 2016

Leo and Bantam in print

I need some loco power for the forthcoming Warley exhibition at which I'll be showing Owen's Bridge. The only reasonably bomb-proof model to hand is a Roco Leo which I've mentioned on here before.  

To get me through the show I've come up with a cunning plan. Part of this required the model to be tickled up quickly to lose the out of the box appearance. Nothing difficult but enough to be a good starter for anyone dabbling in 009. 

While you are browsing the racks, you might like to take a look at the latest Model Boats.

Bantam Front

This special construction issue includes a few pages on my Bantam Tugboat. All the plastic wrangling you could desire.

Which reminds me, I must fix the fender as it's on show next weekend...

1 comment:

Huw Griffiths said...

"All the plastic wrangling you could desire."

Hmmm … short of further write-ups - telling me, in minute detail, exactly how to do some non-standard build which would appeal only to me.

I don't know what it is yet - but don't worry. I'm sure I'll work it out by the time next month's editions hit the shelves of my local Smith's "reading room" - sorry, newsagent ("other firms are available" - and all that malarkey).

Seriously though, I'm sure I must have missed a few of the time-dishonoured moans of the armchair modellers - the wannabe trolls, who seem to have nothing better do with their time than moan about other people's work.

I'm sure I must have missed a few of their routine rants. Meanwhile, I'm sure you definitely miss them - as often as possible, please.

After all, isn't it comforting to know that these guys don't build models - but, if they did, they'd probably be the best models in the world.

Yes. Right.

While I think of it, what are those strange squealing and flapping noises I'm hearing overhead? That's right - it must be our friend "Piggles" and his squadron of suilline aviators.

Let's face it - there's probably far more chance of loads of pigs flying in formation than there'll ever be of one of the usual complainers actually building a model.