Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: A tale of two water towers

Moor Street water tower

Last week, I amused you with a photo showing a special cinema. That wasn't actually what I'd intended to photograph. Instead, the post was to be about water towers.

The first is a genuine railway fake. A GWR lookalike tower on the platform of Birmingham Moor Street station. There is a corresponding water crane, but I don't know if the two are connected. I hope so, but as none of the multiple units that call at the station have steam heat boilers, I've not seen it used.

Brick nerds, like me, will wish the builder had used English Bond rather than Stretcher for the base but I don't suppose most people notice. The tank itself reminds me of the Airfix kit, although the cage around the top is very modern H&S and you don't get a ladder up the side to avoid Brummies standing on the top.

Industrial water tower

Turn around and there is a real water tower atop an industrial building. It's seen better days and I suspect won't be a feature of the cityscape for much longer. Let's face it, the roofing is much newer and it's already looking tatty.

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