Sunday, February 26, 2017

Narrow Gauge Southwest 2017 - Not so small but delightful!

Bath & District Fullers Earth Company

Shepton Mallett is a bit of a trek for me, but the promise of 75 little layouts in one place made me think it was worth the early start. I wasn't alone, we made it into the overflow car park 10 cars before it filled up and after a quick spin on the shuttle bus, arrived in the queue just after the show opened. 10:30 saw us sitting down for tea and cake.


And what a selection!

But this wasn't the best thing about the show. There really were 75 layouts. Most tiny and so very much my sort of thing. I'd love to have magicked the whole event to a month later and nearer home so I could visit all over again.

With such a selection on offer, it's impossible to pick favourites. However one of the larger models, St Brayden, caught my eye. While the idea of a modern scene with steam locos shunting goods wagons might seem a little incongruous, the superb modelling snuffed out any worries. Those buildings are very Cornwall and I love the way the main street meanders up through them, just like a real town.

St Brayden street

However, we were really spoilt for choice. The thing with little layouts like this is that since you can't head to a box-shifter and order all the bits, the builder is freed to create the model they want. After all, if you are going to have to scratchbuild or kitbash everything, there aren't really any limits. 


matt scrutton said...

I love the model of the Launceston steam railway, they've captured that brilliantly.

Andy in Germany said...

Those are some inspiring models there, and all very creative and different. Many thanks for the Flickr gallery...