Friday, February 17, 2017

OO Wickham

Having found the 2mm scale Wickhams, I also dug out a 4mm scale whitemetal version. Fron Nu-Cast, this model pre-dates the Bachmann motorised version by at least 25 years buit still looks pretty presentable.

At least it did until an accidentaly flying session while packing up at a show saw it disassemble itself.At the time, I put the remains in a pot and forgot about them. I suppose buying a replacement kit seemed easier than untangling the whitemetal, but this kit is long discontinued and the alternative is a pricey etched version. Perfect for an essentail feature but more than I wanted to pay for "clutter".

Still, I'm on a bit of a Wickham run at the moment so when I found the pot of bits, I decided to resurect the model.

A little unbending and cleaning up later, I had the main parts. Sadly, the whitemetal handrails hadn't survived so a quick trip to buy some 0.7mm brass wire was in order. I remembered to take calipers to measure the remaining parts, jut not the wire to repair them. Still, it's only 3 quid and I'll use it eventually.

Superglue bodgery finished the job and it looks OK. The cruel photo enlargement shows where the first landing impact occured but a little filler and some weathering will hide the worst of it I hope.


Mark Nicholson said...

Why not highlight it with some rust and black paint or a red oxide patch as non-repaired accident damage? I'm sure the real thing wasn't sent for repair as soon as it had a ding. It's the sort of damage it might have received from a crane boom or tipper truck overhanging the line.

Phil Parker said...

Good thinking! I'd prefer to patch it up as the paint job has been around a long time and this way the model gets to show it's history. Thanks!

Matthew Snowden Shunter Guy said...

Great little kit these, have one sat on some rail on my layout :)

Kelly Harding said...

Looks good for a 25 year old kit, especially one that has gained wings.

The brass wire probably is better than the white metal it replaced too.

Great work on these wickhams. A 7mm one next? ;-)