Thursday, May 18, 2017

Book Review: Polar Bear and Sea Lion by Pauline Hazelwood

Publisher: Saddletank Books

ISBN: 9-780-992-723934

Size: 25 X 20cm Softback

Price: £4.99

My collection of Manx railway books is pretty impressive but the latest addition might be one of the most unusual.

Aimed at children, Polar Bear and Sea Lion accurately tells the story of how the Groudle Glen Railway came about. Readers learn about Mr Broadbent and how he turned the Glen into a tourist attraction.

The results were so successful that he decided to add a railway, partly to help people reach the zoo at the end of the glen and partly as an attraction in itself. As students of the line will know, this too was popular, so much so that Sea Lion had to be joined by sister engine Polar Bear.

Basically, what we have is an enjoyable tale perfect for the bedtime story market, that is based in fact. You get to sneak a little history in without anyone noticing.

Best of all are the delightful illustrations, full of colour and life. Kids will enjoy all the funny figures and in this case, interesting animals too.

A really nice touch are the maps of Man front and back. At first glance I thought they were the same but in fact the front one is a Victorian map, the back the modern day showing the difference in railway and boat services on Monas Isle.

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Thank you Phil, lovely surprise to read your review.