Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SR overhead in Hornby Collectors Club magazine

A rather complicated project for HCC magazine Number 111 - Spring 2017. With the arrival of the Hornby Class 71 electric loco, people are likely to want to run it over the appropriate 3rd rail setup, or if in a yard, under the wires. 

With the experience of install rail number 3 on his layout Abbotts Barton, Andy Hopper explains how this can be done. 

This leaves me with the overhead wires. Now SR catenery in yards is somewhat lighter than the stuff you find on the main line. It's far more like tramway overhead, not a million miles away from the version I installed on my model of The Hellingly Hospital Railway. Well, there were two designs and the most common version looked like that. 

All (!) I had to do was make up some poles and wires from brass tube and rod. It's not the easiest job in the world, well the poles aren't too bad but the contact wires are a pain. Tension is essential and I wasn't going to make an entire layout which made anchoring the ends for the finished photo tricky. 


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