Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: KX200 telephone kiosk

KX200 telephone kiosk

Spotted in a Banbury back street, a BT telephone kiosk. A KX200 for phone box anoraks, what you'd need to wear to use this in the rain. 

Amazing to think how old fashioned these things are. Who uses a call box nowadays? 

Dating from the 1980s, these replaced the much loved red telephone boxes, a move signalling the end of civilisation and the descent for society into squalor and misery. 

Time has not been kind to the KX's. Most have been uprooted as demand plummeted thanks to the mobile revolution. To find one tucked away in a side street in company with another modern phenomenon, the wheelie bin, is a surprise. 

Modellers will need to scratchbuild this kiosk model as the nearest kit I know of is for the KX300, a standalone triangular model. Mind you, we aren't exactly talking a difficult project here. None of your fancy curves or anything. Not like a Mercury kiosk!


Andy in Germany said...

These were standard when I left the UK. Now I feel old.

What do modern boxes look like?

Phil Parker said...

They don't exist. Everyone has mobiles so BT are ripping out all the boxes that they can.