Friday, October 06, 2017

Building a battery box

The biggest problem with this kit?

I've never seen one built up. In fact this is the only example of this model I've ever seen - and I have looked long and hard.

All this, combined with the lack of instructions, means I'm working things out as I go along. 

I have no idea how much battery power is required so I use my Club 500 as a guide. 6 C cells sounded about right so that's what I've fitted.

To keep the boat level in all directions, it became apparent that the pack had to sit quite well forward and I am worried that this would block access to the motor to propshaft coupling.

My solution, which I'm very pleased with, is a box on legs that straddles the shaft. Locating strips of plastic in the hull hold it in place and then underneath, on a big blog of silicon sealant, is some Velcro to hold the box down.

Will it work? I'll wire the model up and give it a go next week.

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