Tuesday, October 03, 2017

More MEK

Time for another Mek-Pak refill post. Last week I broke open the latest big tin bottle. The previous one having lasted since 2015.

Price for the latest is £26. That's up 80p on 2 years ago and £4.70 on the one bought in 2012.

And yes, I know I could buy it for 10p a gallon on-line but I don't buy that much from the proper model railway trade so I'll take the easy option of picking it up at shows. After all, to leave an exhibition with nothing new seems like a failure, at least this way I'm coming away with something useful. The kit cupboard needs no more occupants!

The permanent marker didn't last on the tin though did it? Since the can stands out of direct sunlight, I wonder why? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What do you mean: "The kit cupboard needs no more occupants!"?

Not even a ****(censored)**** ?

Joking aside, isn't that what many modelmakers say - until they spend half an hour hovering at some trade stand or other at a model show?

Of course, none of this ever applies to me (or at least that's what I always say) … .