Sunday, October 08, 2017

Hand drawn tram

Something a bit different for Sunday, but since it's so relaxing, a perfect interactive experience. Short Trip is a scenic tram simulator created by Alexander Perrin.

Hand drawn, it looks beautiful and is certainly a pleasant way to while away a few minutes.

Using the left and right arrows on your keyboard, move the cat-faced driver to his tram (the door opens when you get next to it) then use the same keys to drive the tram to the end of the line.

Along the way, you can stop and pick up passengers. Don't forget to ring the bell with your space bar!

Even the sounds are lovely. Birds sing and the tram rumbles away realistically.

Visit Short Trip. 

Hat tip: James Finister


bartholomew sorrentino said...

Thank you, Phil.

neil whitehead said...

Thanks Phil, nice way to ease myself into the week over my bowl of cornflakes.

Apple Tree said...

Superb ! Great Fun and so relaxing.