Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cab detail

The very open cab of "Dotti" caused me much head scratching. As supplied, you get a bench seat and a big wheel. It looks like a steering wheel, but when I posted a question on Facebook asking what should be in the cab, I got this very helpful reply:

Try looking up some of the German manufacturers like O&K and Jung, they tended to have a wheel controlling both clutch and direction and a single lever for the brake. There was usually a small lever for the throttle somewhere on the bulkhead

I was also sent a link to this website where I spent far too much modelling time looking at little diesels.

Anyway, a lever appears to hang on the back of the gearbox on a lot of locos. Nothing to be seen here, so something carved from plastic appearing to poke through from under the seat. 

Talking of seats, I felt my driver needed something more than a bench to sit on so fabricated something very basic from more plastic.  Finally, I spotted that locos driven sidesaddle sometimes had a strip under the drivers feet, presumably to give him something to brace against to avoid sliding out of the seat on curves.

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