Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Slingfield Mill

Weavers Wharf

If you go down to the Severn Valley Railway today, prepare for a big surprise. At least if you follow the rest of the family into town for a bit of "normal" retail therapy.

Head to "Weavers Wharf" and you will find Slingfield Mill, a restored and converted industrial building now pressed into service as a hotel and department store by Cundall (there is more on their website)

Weavers Wharf windows

It's a stunning building. Imposing, but with lots of interesting and attractive detailing. The black and yellow brick decoration is very unusual and must have been quite a thing to push through at the design stage.

Weavers Wharf chimney

Obviously the site has changed enormously over the years as you can see from this aerial photo from the Britain From the Air website

Those gas-holders are now a car park and modern shopping centre. Quite a few of the canal side buildings survive though if you need an industrial hit while drinking your mocachocapachino and contemplating adding to the designer wear in your wardrobe...

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As a Real modeller, I certainly don't have any designer clothes!