Monday, January 11, 2010

Damper nose

Damper noseIf I thought the back end of the Damper van was "fun" then its nose is something else.

The flat top went first - I scaled the length from the card kit and then used lots of curved items to try and draw the curves. After 6 different tins I found one that looked OK and cut around it.

The vertical bit is made in two halves, the idea being I could check they were identical. A bit like those butterflies you make as a kid by folding some paper after splodging paint inside. OK, not much like that but I know what I'm on about.

Lots of careful work with a pair of compasses later I think I've got something that looks right. The bow dips so the headlights can be seen - the car may have not travelled many miles on land but the BBC couldn't be seen to use something obviously non-MOTable. There is also a slight peak at the front not a continuous curve. Finally at the back end the sides taper to match the shape of VW intended for the front of the van.

I just glued the plastic in place and lobbed some filler around, filing this to shape with a coarse file once it had dried.

Wonder if this improves the aerodynamics of what is a rather brick shaped vehicle ?

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