Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making badges

Badge making
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Some of the jobs involved in organising a model railway show just aren't that glamorous.

Some of my modelling time has had to be given over to making the badges to be worn at next weeks exhibition. It's one of those tasks that is important - people working at the show need to be identifiable if they nip in and out of the venue, or are in the queue for exhibitor lunches for example - so someone has to make some badges.

Our club has owned a badge making machine from the London Emblem company for over a decade. As well as supplying our own needs and those of layout owners, we have provided a service to other societies, something that has helped the club finances a little. We got into this because of some junk mail sent to a member who was a headmaster once so it really does work ! Our initial machine was tiny and a bit fiddly to use but proved that there was money to be made and more importantly, saved. We pretty quickly upgraded to the version shown here and it's done sterling service ever since, making many thousands of badges.

To make a pin badge, the inner blank, printed paper (which we've already cut out with the special round cutter) and clear plastic cover are placed in the die. This goes in the press and the handle is pulled down. Next the die is flipped over and the back with pin place in. The little lever on the machine is pushed over and the die squashed again by pulling the big handle.

Result - one perfect pin badge.

Only another 180 to go...

P.S. If you or your club needs badges for a show, layout or any other reason, get in touch.


Anonymous said...

hi we have inherited a badge maker that looks like the above, but we are unsure where to buy the badges and pins etc from?

Phil Parker said...

The London Emblum company -