Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drawer 'andles

andlesHow am I to open the drawers in my new wooden toolbox ?

The front flap fits against the drawer fronts precluding the use of a conventional handle. I looked long and hard for some flush fitting handles but it seems that these aren't available in small enough sizes to fit on the smallest drawer.

In desperation I purchased some D-shaped rings and split pins thinking I could recess the fronts and make handles out of these. I still have the hardware having decided that while the handle might work OK, it would look too spindly and insetting it into the front was a recipe for rubbish quality woodworking.

The magazine plan showed holes simply drilled in the front. I didn't fancy this for two reasons - the tools could fall out and poking a delicate pinky in to open the drawer would bring it into contact with all sorts of sharp things. Desperate times demand desperate measures though and I adapted the hole to make a single slot.

In theory the drawer contents are a little less likely to come out of a single opening. And the improved visibility will reduce the chances of hacking open fingers.

Best of all my cock-up with the wood cutting resulting in the small drawer being at the bottom is now exposed for the genius it really is. The lowest drawer doesn't need a handle as you can just pull the bottom. And since that's the most likely one to contain knives and other sharp items, the sticking plaster supply might stay at current levels for a while longer.

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