Thursday, January 07, 2010

Platform for the back end

Back end platformMy miniature Hammond will need somewhere to stand so a bit of plasticard work produced a reasonably scale platform for the back end of the Damper.

Since I don't have a plan I'm scaling parts like this from the cardboard model. My version is about 75% of the card one which makes calculations easy. Well it does if you use a calculator anyway.

The biggest problem is that the back end of a T25 doesn't have any straight edges. I know it looks like it does but that is deceptive. The back verticals are actually slightly curved as is the bottom lip of the tailgate. This is a common problem - most people think that a diesel railway engine is nothing but a box on wheels whereas it's more often a subtle mass of curves and angles. Try and replace these with straight bits and the result looks crude in comparison with the prototype.

I'll admit some cheating with my work, there's a bit of filler and epoxy making good in the gaps. This is entirely prototypical if you look at the shots showing the real thing being built. In fact I used far too little filler, the prototype is a tribute to Ispon. In comparison I've used only the vaguest hints of Squadron Green and Araldite. Well since I sanded off the excess anyway !

At the back you'll notice the spaces left in an overlay to take the VW's lights. Also the curved edges achieved by gluing some plastic inside the corners and then filing the curves. Not perfectly symmetrical I suspect but near enough for this model.

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