Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inspiring warehouse

Wood StreetThey say that you should always build models from life rather than copying things that someone else has done. That way mistakes aren’t perpetuated or even magnified when the copier compounds errors made by the person they are copying. No Chinese whisper type modelling please ?

What they don’t say is that you can’t be influenced by other people. Look at this scene from the 7mm scale layout Wood Street.

Now at the back of the layout in a box there are some sidings, just like the picture, and I have a fancy to put a loading bay alongside one of them. In fact the track work has been arranged to allow enough space for this. The platform won’t be wide but I should be able to achieve the Board or Trade regulation 6 foot minimum – or did this jut refer to station platforms ?

The canopy is easy enough but I think I’ll skip the boxed in loading hoists as too pretty for me. There are some plastic industrial windows in the stash of bits so I have that problem solved. How I do the round toped brickwork above them I’m not sure at present. Scribed plasticard is my usual trick but if anyone can suggest something better I’d appreciate it.

One area I won’t be copying is the cobbled track. It’s not that easy to do properly and less common than you’d expect. Also, you only infilled track where vehicular access was required, not likely to be an issue on my little line. I fancy some fine ballast up to the top of the sleepers for this area. Unless I look at the finished product and change my mind again.

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