Friday, June 11, 2010

Starting the engine shed

engine shed startWith things working, I can start planning for the scenic detail. In the engine shed I want to install a locomotive inspection pit.

Looking at photos of prototype installs, it appears that inside the shed the floor was flush to the bottom of the rail. I'm going to try decorating filler for this but first I need to get the sleepers over the top of the pit out of the way. Knowing this was ahead I didn't stick them down when the other track was fixed. Hence a soldering iron and screwdriver is enough to flip them out of the way and back into the spare pot for the next layout. At least I didn't think I did but you can see leftover glue marks that give lie to this.

Under the rail I've glued a length of sleeper strip usually employed for pointwork. The rail is soldered to this using a Tracksetta to make sure it's both straight and to gauge.

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