Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Isle of Man flag

IOM FlagKadet has a flagpole at the stern and without something fluttering, this looks a bit empty.

Not any more. At the recent Mobile Marine open day, Mike Allsop of Scale Flags sold me this lovely Isle of Man flag for a very reasonable amount of money (less than a fiver anyway). It’s printed on silk giving a diaphanous result. Actually I’m not sure how much is printed and how much is hand painted. Whatever, the result is a little work of art.

The instructions show how to roll the white bordered end around a suitable rope but I cheated and wrapped it round the pole itself. Glue used was Bostick Solvent-free and this has held well enough during sailing. I’m not sure a rope would work well in this scale and since the flag is stiffer that it would be in real life (Mike can explain how to drape the flag correctly but I prefer fluttering for this model) wouldn’t hang properly anyway. However if it was draped properly you wouldn’t see the design and I think that would be a shame wouldn’t it ?

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Anonymous said...

The flags are 100% hand painted, I see them being produced on a regular basis :)