Thursday, July 01, 2010

Card mock-up

Warehouse testTime to try the warehouse in position on the layout. Without any buildings or stock, it’s easy to forget just how tiny this project is. That illusion is quickly shattered with the addition of a structure though !

Anyway, the building is in its most basic form at present. What I want to see at this point is “does it look right”. Accuracy is important but the most technically correct model won’t look as good as one that satisfies the eye with its basic proportions. I think I’ll get away with this so it’s time to think about some detail.

Card mock-ups have their place on any layout. If you have the time, building a simple version of a building and then leaving it on the layout for a few days is a great idea. You can sort all sorts of problems before getting stuck in with a fully detailed version and wasting lots of time because you spot a problem later on. The station below lost an entire bay to make it fit the site properly and look correct in position. How would you have felt if you’d had to alter a finished and detailed version ? And this is on a layout where the coaches are the same length as my micro project !

Mock Leamington

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