Saturday, July 03, 2010


Last Saturday was DOGA AGM day. Every year some of us get together in Keen House, home of The Model Railway Club to chat and laugh and have a modelling competition. The numbers attending are never exciting as we have members all over the world and for some unaccountable reason, those living abroad don't think it worth flying half way around the planet for a chat.

Still, the meeting was interesting, and more importantly, shot. We do the official business as fast as possible with the intention of getting to AOB and giving everyone time to have their say about the Association. We've come up with a few new ideas that should see fruition over the next twelve months. We're also rather batter informed about the state of the hobby including at least one big potential change in the trade thanks to the contacts our Chairman has had.

After the meeting, a few of us repaired to the Euston Arch via a detour around St Pancras station to admire the fantastic restoration. There we put even more things to rights over a pint or two of some of that rarest of London commodities, proper beer. And since we were in the south, a couple of shandies !

My job on the day is to organise the modelling competition. This means printing entry and voting forms, lining the entries when they come in and counting the results. Oh, and then photographing them, all for the website and in-house magazine.

This year's winner of the Kitbuilt and Scratchbuilt locomotives category was a B4 tank made from Falcon Brass kit. These are known as "challenging" kits yet the results speak for themselves and it's a fantastic model. Interestingly, last year's winner was built from a Jidenco kit and these as similarly described as "challenging" but often prefixed by something a good deal coarser. It looks like DOGA members don't like easy kits !

At the other end of the tables were the scenic items and a deserved winner was Christopher Rabson's scratchbuilt stone bridge. Made from foamboard and Polyfilla, the results make me want to have a go at scribing some stonework now. I wonder if I can do a little bit on the layout in a box ?

You can see the results of the competition on the Double O Gauge Association website.

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