Wednesday, July 07, 2010

That's where the water is coming from !

Slingshot Number 9On Sunday I mentioned that I'd been Slingshot racing at the KMBC open day. My results had been OK but not exceptional. This doesn't matter as it's a bit of fun.

However there has been a change to the rules which I believe has been detrimental to my performance.

As you can see from the photo, the boats now have to be fitted with a fin showing your race number. This was sprung on me at the last minute and I ended up using the generously supplied version - a square bit of plasticard stuck to some more plastic to make an L and then attached to the boat with a stick pad.

What about my aerodynamics ?

Obviously I did my best and carved it to shape a little with some scissors but it's still not right. I mean you don't see McLaren spend ages in a wind tunnel and then stick a roof rack on their cars at the last minute because Lewis wants to take a deck chair with him in case he breaks down and has to wait for a tow do you ?

Nor do you watch a nature documentary and look at sharks or aeroplanes or anything else where sleekness is a requirement and see a cardboard box nailed to the top. I wouldn't mind but this change is just so we can have a "caller" by the person keeping score to save the racers having to shout out their own numbers. Don't people realise that this is part of racing ? I say if they can't be bother to shout then let them forfeit the lap. All's fair in love, war and model boat racing.

Anyway, I need to make something a bit more stylish. I'm thinking about the sort of L-shaped fin that stock cars have on the top. I reckon I can use the horizontal bit as a wing to give me less down force and regain those hundredths of a second I'm currently losing.

Slingshot BashAll I need is some carbon fibre, a few hours in a wind tunnel and I'll b e good to go. Unless I pop it into the bank. Or hit a fish. Or pick up some weed. Or hit another boat. No wonder, Formula Once employs so many people...

The other goodie was that I've been picking up more water than I would like in the hull at the end of a race. Looking proper look at the boat canopy. At some point I've picked up a bash which has now grown to look like crazy paving. Time for a bit more sticky tape repair I think !

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