Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I don't know why, but at work last night, we were talking about old TV adverts. Someone came up with the famous J R Hartley one for Yellow Pages and in a flash I remembered the Hornby R186 Signal Box one that ran at a similar time.

Think how times have changed since 1983. You still have Yellow Pages, but nowadays the young lad would hop onto teh Interweb and buy the thing online rather than visit that rather pleasant looking model shop. Of course he would have to wait for delivery, something that doesn't seemed to occur to him here. In fact why didn't he do all this before his Dad's birthday ? Lazy ungrateful little tyke. Hope he doesn't get to play with the trains.

And talking of the trains, where did the layout come from ?

Surely it wasn't built just for the few seconds it appears in the advert. Did they find a real one and do some location filming ? If so, who has an attic that tidy ?

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matt scrutton said...

I love that advert! It looks like one of the numerous Hornby demonstrator layouts, with the ever familiar brightly coloured scenery that always featured in their old catalogues. Sometimes I think I preferred those seemingly far off days of tender drive and the same set of 10 figures. Sigh, it seems I've become a serious modeller :( lol