Friday, July 09, 2010

Prepare to demo

As you read this I'll be busy preparing to take part in Hornby Magazine Live! (the exclamation mark is compulsory)

In fact I'll be thinking, "Why did I agree to do this before working out how far Hartlepool is from where I live ?" and then loading up the car with stuff and preparing to set off for the north.

My stand is the Live! version of my "Parker's Guide" column in the magazine. Put simply I'll be dragging out the pile of wagons I've built over the last year or so for articles and sitting behind them while you, the enthusiastic public, ask questions or tell me I'm an idiot and you much prefer the articles on making scenery.

For added entertainment The Melbridge Box Company will be coming too. This will allow me to run some locos if I get bored because no one wants to talk to me. There will be plastic kits behind the stand and if I've done a good demo then there won't be any progress on these as I'll have been talking too much.

More info on the event website

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