Saturday, July 31, 2010

Short shed door

Short shed doorFile this one under, "What the hell were Airfix thinking ?"

The shed doors are desperately short. Not a little short but the sort of half mast normally only seen on old men who feel the need to reveal their socks by having a great big gap between shoe top and trouser hem.

The other door has a person sized door in it and I wonder quite who would be able to leap three feet and make use of it. Presumably someone who can't simply roll under the closed shed doors.

Anyway, faced with the opportunity to make some new doors, not a particularly difficult job I suppose, I have decided to leave them off entirely. In BR days maintenance, especially on an out of the way shed, wasn't brilliant so I expect that once the hinges packed up the doors would have been dumped behind the shed to get them out of the way. That's before being burned in a brazier to keep shed staff warm in the winter !

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