Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Valance making

Valance makingNo one likes to work in the rain so I don't see why thoese unloading on the brick warehouse dock should get soaked. It seems that even in Victorian times people felt the same, although they might have been more interested in looking after the goods, that valances on the edge of warehouses were common.

I decided to make a bespoke version., partly because it would look better but mostly due to a lack of suitable kit parts in my stash of bits. Using 1mm thick plasticard I decided that for easr of marking out I'd have 1 foot wide planks with simple points on the bottom. That leaft me marking every 2mm on the sheet. Every other line was scored with the Olfa plasticard cutter. Then each point was cut with a scaplel - a sharp blade made a huge difference here.Some of the points were nicked to simulate age. Surface age was arranged with a rub of emery paper although I fancy something a little coarser so I might try a wire brush too.

On the ends there is a suitable slope to bring the egde down to just below the top of the doors. Wills asbestos sheet finishes the job and keeps the weather away.

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