Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big slab of wall part 1

Warehouse side V1Back in April, I wrote about a hanger side that inspired me for part of the layout in a box. I want a big slab of wall to fill most of the back to provide a nice anonymous background for photographs. Having had the idea, I needed to build the thing.

The main structure was easy enough, a Daler board rectangle with some ends to push it away from the backscene. Cover this with some Wills Box Profile Steel, just like the prototype and because I only had a single pack, allow space for a window.

The result is less than satisfying though. To my eyes it looks very much like a modern factory unit or warehouse. What it doesn't do is convince me that it's suitable for a model set in the 1950's.

Passing the question to the members of the Double O Gauge Association e-mail forum quickly persuaded me that I was right - these wall finishes appeared in the 1960's making them too late for my needs. I've always fancied having a go at a proper 60's prefab style building but this isn't the model to do this with. After all, I can't pose a loco in LMS colours in front of it can I ?

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