Monday, June 27, 2011


Caledonia Kit

One benefit of building a model railway based on the Isle of Man is you know what your locomotives are going to be. There will be two types - 2-4-0 Peacocks and one 0-6-0, Caledonia. I have a Peacock chassis so it seems sensible to build the other one as well. That way we know our track-work will be suitable for all the chuff chuffs.

Branchlines produce a kit for Caledonia. It's mixed media - nickel-silver for the chassis, whitemetal for the body and cast brass for a lot of the detail parts. Mechanical bits are a Tenshodo motor, Branchlines gearbox and Romford wheels.

Frame spacersThe chassis is designed to offer loads of options. Obviously you can work to the correct 12mm gauge but if you fancy an outside frames 009 model, this is catered for as well. Too well in my mind actually as the frame spacers have to be modified by snapping excess off the sides. Fine, except you then have to file the leftover half-etched metal away too which, if carried out too enthusiastically, will alter their width and therefore the width of the frames.

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