Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Point testing again

Chassis on crossoverIt may not have power but Caledonia's chassis runs when pushed so now we could carry on experimenting on the points for the Isle of Man model railway layout.

Many years ago (OK, probably 2) we built a 12mm gauge test track on a plank. It's about 4 ft long and has two parallel tracks and a crossover. The points on this are longer then the last ones tested and I hoped that they would prove easier for the stock to negotiate.

This turned out to be the case in spades. I sat the 0-6-0 chassis on one end of the track and tilted the board. It ran down the line, through the crossover and down the next bit of track without even a hint of a derailment. I did it again in the other direction with the same result. In fact I spent a happy half hour (I'm easily pleased) eating wine gums and tilting the board to make the chassis run. At no point did we even bump through the points never mind leap from the track.

This means that:
A) I'm not completely useless at building chassis.
B) We need to re-plan Foxdale around less tight point work.

So good news and not so good. I just hope it all still fits on the board.

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