Sunday, June 05, 2011

Job well done

KMBC Patio

Friday morning and we have done it. The Knightcote Model Boat club new clubrooms are finished. Well apart from a little tidying, some guttering and the roof sheet being cut to size. The last one has to wait for a few weeks while the membrane relaxes a bit.

The main thing is that all the heavy work is done. At the front we have a patio of around 240 slabs. We paid for the first dozen or so to be laid but after that our aged club chairman took on the task having watched and learned from the professionals. The result is very impressive and gives us plenty of space for tables and benches.

Around the back (the bit I worked on)  is a chippings path edged with kerb stones retrieved from the pile in the hedge. Not as pretty but just as useful. Now anyone can walk around the cabin without getting their feet wet or dirty. Best of all, it keeps the site tidy. After all, we want to sail model boats and not spend our time looking after the place !

The stats are impressive:
  • 240 paving slabs
  • 200 tons of road scrapings
  • 11 tons of sand
  • over 1000 hours of work

and a giant crane ! Not what you normally associate with a model boat club. but then that's part of the fun of belonging to this sort of club. Best of all, while it's been hard work, it's also been fun. There has been plenty of banter between those getting their hands dirty. Quite a lot of it laughing at anyone who has come down on a sailing day and made comments along the lines of  not much done then" or our favorite "There's no water in the test tank !". The person who whined the last one was promptly handed a bucket and told to do something about it !

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