Sunday, August 07, 2016

Free book!

Phil's Novel

Outside my railway modelling life, I'm a bit of a novelist - you might have spotted the link to my literary blog on the right hand side of this one.

Well, for one day only - I and my co-author Candice are giving away our book as a free download. Just click on the image and you can bag an electronic copy from Amazon to read on your Kindle, or Kindle reading software available for all sorts of devices. If you enjoy it , all we ask is you go back and review it. More reviews should mean more sales in the future.

Rather than try to give out the plot, I can't do better than quote the 5 star review from Alan Fisher:

This isn't my regular genre of literature at all - but I found this an engaging and fun read with a good story arc and engaging characters. Being someone who works in a corporate environment it was interesting to get under the skin of the usually teflon-coated and dreaded management consultants who form the main cast of this tale - indeed, a fashion magazine obsessive hatchet wielder is typically the last kind of character I'd expect to be able to feel a bit of empathy for!

The 'whodunnit' element remained a surprise until the reveal, and it's difficult not to be hugely satisfied with possibly the only book out there to feature a tension-ridden vehicle chase involving... two tractors! There's plenty of wry amusement in here, particularly for folk who work in offices and observe the different characters and politics at play in such places - but there's a compelling story too.

I was still rooting for the Dirtboffins, though...  

So, get yourself a copy now!

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