Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Wrap the cylinders

Hard nickel-silver cylinder covers aren't ideal. Much as I love this metal, it's a pig to bend. 

A few moments with the gas torch warming it up helped a bit. Maybe if I'd been less lazy and used the gas hob it would have helped even more. Anyway, I bent them around a screwdriver and tried them in place. 

Handy hint, burnish them clean before bending, it's a lot easier that way.  

Clipped in place, I would have liked them a millimetre longer as the grip on the ends is tenuous. Mind you, I'd have preferred them in brass so perhaps I should have made new ones. Running solder around the ends and finishing this with a file and fibre pen looks OK though. 

I'm ignoring the cylinder ends as I've fitted front footsteps on the body which hide the detail and mean the chassis won't fit if you fit it. Not sure if this is the right move yet, but if I take the steps off, the end plates can be glued in place at a later date.

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