Monday, August 22, 2016

Time to turn the soldering iron off

Happy days. The soldering on the Barclay body is complete. Everything else can be glued on. 

Last job was the cabside handrails. These are brass pins supplied in the kit.

Each was tacked in place, fluxed up and then blasted with a gas torch to melt the solder faster than the surrounding brass could draw the heat away. 

After a quick wash, I couldn't resist and bit of polishing with fibreglass pencils, just to get rid of the worst of the kettle descaler experiment. Well, it's nice to have a shiny model...


luke stevens said...

What "kettle descaler experiment"? I can't find a blog post about it. What happened?

Phil Parker said...

Sorry, you are right. I thought I'd mentioned that I tried dunking the body in kettle descaler having read up on using this for cleaning steam engine boilers.

Basically, don't.

It doesn't work. At least not the way I tried it. While residue left everywhere.

More experimentation to come however.