Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Barclay's back

6 months in a box while I was too busy on other projects hasn't done the Barclay too much damage. 

With a little more time to finish personal projects, I've hauled it out, hoping to finish the model off. I don't remember there being huge amounts to do. The chassis works, although it needs finishing. The main bits of the body are built. Can't take long can it? 

First up, one of the more important jobs - fitting the chassis retaining nut. I've forgotten this before and had to bodge a solution. Not this time, with the bolt covered in permanent marker and doused in oil, the nut was held in place and then tacked in place. The bolt didn't stick so was removed and the nut finally fitted.

Next, I'll fit the boiler although this looks like it needs a little modification to fit at the front. And I'll sort out the wonky sandbox by knocking it off with my clumsiness.

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