Thursday, December 21, 2017

Garden Rail and EiM - January

No, you didn't miss Christmas, it's just that January happens early in the magazine world.

Garden Rail features a distinctly non-garden layout this month. Chris MacKenzie's Ffuglen Station is an exhibition layout in 16mm scale that proves you can build an interesting model and still have it fit in a reasonable sized room. Winter provides an opportunity to look at indoor layouts, at least once anyway. We do head outside for a running session at the Midland Railway Centre of course, and the writer owning an IOM style model in now way influenced my enthusiasm for this...

I'm keen to include some non-scale specific techniques and so this time we have Si Harris showing how to model worn wood but using nice maintenance free plastic.

Product News is headed up by the newly arrived 16mm scale K1 Garratt. Sadly, no-one will send me one of those, but Tag has borrowed one for a short while and will be bringing us a review in the future.

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Our main feature in Engineering in Miniature is a prize winning model spotted at the Midlands Exhibition. "Lady Stephanie" is built by John Mellor from scratch - and I mean from scratch, he's machined everything including the flywheel.

There's a bit of a workshop feel with guides to cutting square threads and making a tensiometer and also a dividing head.

A free guide to the London Model Engineering show is included as is a report on the Competition and Display classes from the Midlands show.

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James Finister said...

I must admit I struggled, and failed, to find a copy of the December EiM in the shops