Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Cobbled walls

Cobbled walls 1

Recently, on another blog, there was some mention of walls decorated with cobble stones. Sadly, there is only one photo, but it piqued my interest and so finding myself in the attractive town of Holt last week, I nipped out for a walk after breakfast, to take pictures of some of the examples to be found there.

Cobbled walls 2

Hardly pretty, but certainly interesting. That selection of wall finishes would challenge any modeller.

Cobbled walls 7

Cobbled walls 6

Cobbled walls 4

Cobbled walls 5

Cobbled walls 3

I resisted adding a picture of the local Budgens, which is decorated in the same way.


Duncan Young said...

I think it's a question of getting a bit of brass tube and methodically prodding modeller's clay without going mad. I think Herstmonceaux (superb model railway) sit has a bit about doing this.

Apple Tree said...

The buildings are faced with flints that come out of the underlying chalk. Farmers would traditionally clear their fields of flints as they would damage ploughs and agricultural implements. You then had a hard wearing and decorative building material. Local and for free !

Phil Parker said...

Those aren't flints, they are cobbles, but I can see that the idea might have come about the same way.

Michael Campbell said...

I'm not sure the primary reason is decorative, as it's the lowly buildings or hidden walls that have the cobbles. I suspect it was a cheap product that is very weatherproof, where good quality weatherproof bricks or stone were expensive.