Thursday, August 09, 2018

Mersysider, OO6.5mm wagons and some garden stuff in Narrow Gauge World

One of the benefits of my job is that I get to read Narrow Gauge World every month.

Sometimes, I even manage to contribute material for the pages, or at least this month, allow the editor access to my files to pick up useful copy!

Working on Garden Rail and BRM, there's quite a lot of potential cross-over between the various magazines and it would be daft not to make use of this where possible. Let's face it, none are big-budget publications so pooling resources very occasionally makes sense.

My efforts are to be found in the modelling section unsurprisingly. First up, we have my review of Roundhouse Engineerings "Mersysider" diesel.

Andrew has taken this and used his knowledge to enhance my original text as well as providing a top pun in the title, something I very much approve of. 

When I reviewed the Narrow Planet 00 6.5 wagons in BRM, we weren't able to give them a huge amount of space. Let's face it, 18-inch gauge railways are a bit niche for the readership. They are far more interesting to NGW readers though, so I took the chance to put a larger piece in here.
 My feeling is that the makers gave me a couple of kits, not because I am a lovely person, but because I could give them some useful publicity - something I'm very happy to do. Times aren't easy for cottage industries and yet if we want interesting and unusual models, we need to support them.

Finally, there are loads of my photos showing models from The Lineside Hut and Bole Laser Craft taken at the 16mm AGM. When manufacturers take the time to produce models based on proper prototypes, it's important to let those interested in those same prototypes know that the kits are available after all.

August 2018 Narrow Gauge World. 


Mark said...

I'll have to pick up a copy to read the article on the OO6.5 wagons to see what you thought of them. I must have missed the review in BRM though, any idea which issue it was in? I like to keep a copy of magazines with reviews of stuff I've worked on but I don't remember seeing this one so must have missed that issue.

Phil Parker said...

July 2018 - P 105. Not a huge item and only one photo, I assume the editor felt it a bit niche. I suppose it is, but then that's the point!

Phil Parker said...

Oh, and (Spoiler alert) I liked them.

Mark said...

Spoilers like that I can live with :)

I'll make sure I grab a copy of both issues so I can see for myself exactly what you thought, but thanks for reviewing them.

Mark said...

Right, that's a copy of BRM ordered, but it looks as if I'll have to go out to buy a copy of NGW as although it's shown as being on sale there is no link for buying a paper copy of this months magazine (or not yet anyway)