Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Somewhere in Soho

London Factory

Heading for a drink at the Ship Inn, Wardour St in London, I arrived early and rather than sit in the pub, went for a stroll around Soho. 

Curious about a queue of "youths" who appeared to be trying to get into a skateboard shop, I wandered down a side street. There was a second section of the queue, neatly corraled by bouncers, and this lovely, scruffy building. 

Ignoring the queues, no-one considered me trendy enough to queue-jump for the sort of shop where they let you in in penny numbers and you put up with this, I wandered around taking photos. 

To be honest, all the doorways stank from being used as late night toilets and the whole place wasn't exactly edifying, but I liked the painted out name and general air of dilapidation. 

At this point, I should aim you at a Google Streetview link, but after 20 minutes of trying, I can't recreate my real-world wanderings, so you'll have to do with this one picture.

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