Saturday, May 03, 2008

Aberystwyth Model Shops

Yesterday I visited Aberystwyth. Astoundingly it has not one but two model shops. Good ones too ! Weirder still, they are both in the Pier street about 100 feet from each other.

The first (as you wander in from the station) is "The Art Shop". The window is a riot of colour with souvenirs joining the other goodies on sale. It's not a big shop but well stocked with a huge range of plastic kits at the front. I wish we had somewhere locally with a similar range - it's a long journey for me to visit this one !

Towards the back there is everything the RC aircraft modeller could want including fittings and a ceiling full of servos. I didn't spot these at first until I turned round and realised that there were RC stalactites above me !
Obviously there are art materials as well but these take up less than half the shop - and lets face it which modeller hasn't dug through the local art store anyway so all the products compliment each other.

Nearer the pier is the second shop. No name on this one but it's still worth a visit. Another huge range of plastic kits awaits along with a good stock of Games Workshop figures and Sci-fi memorabilia plus all the major model railway ranges. Like "The Art Shop" a full range of paints, glues and toolds is available although the former had a slightly wider range of sticky stuff, presumably to cater for the flyers. This shop though, had the only RC boat kit I saw - a faded Billings tug. I'm surprised that there is enough support for aircraft and plastic kits but not boats being so close to the sea. Perhaps the seafarer is fed up with things that float when not at work...

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