Saturday, May 31, 2008

Motor mounting

MFA 850 motor
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After a trip to Howes yesterday I'm the proud owner of a MFA 850 Torpedo motor, new coupling, water cooling jacket and sundry other bits. And about 80 quid less than I had before. Still, it's cheaper than the £1600 one of the guys there pays every year for a Chelsea season ticket and said like that it seems a bargain.

Fitting the motor is harder than I hoped - the gearbox on the old one put the drive shaft out very low so I have to fabricate something new. As you can see, the shafts didn't line up very well otherwise !

With the motor in I lined things up as well as I could, not perfect but pretty good. It runs well with the new 12V battery and that prop pushes lots of air out from behind the hull. Hopefully it will do the same with water !

Wiring up I discovered that the speed control I had found in the bottom of the boat bits box was there for a reason, it didn't work properly. Once it failed I remembered that that's why we'd replaced it in another model boat a couple of years ago. However it had worked when I tested it yesterday on the old setup.

Anyway, I've just spent what must be the cost of a Luton Town season ticket on a new controller and hope desperately that the money pit this boat has become will now be full and I can get stuck in with the pretty bits.

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