Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ruston bits

ruston bits
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Time to make up some sub-assemblies for the Ruston.

First up the brakes. These are a central part with a etching on either side to represent the shoe. A light tin on the back of these, plenty of flux and some sprung tweezers acting as clamps had these assembled quickly and pretty cleanly. With bits this size lining up is easy and you have something to hold on to !

The steps are similar. The only difference from a 4mm kit is that the bend in the nickel tread takes more effort as the metal is thicker. I started the bend with little pliers and then popped them in a vice to finish the fold with a tiny hammer. If I'd used bigger pliers I'd have done it in one move.

This effort means that unlike the smaller scales the bits stay bent ! I hate it when you solder things up and then have to tweak them back to shape. This model will stand up to handling and the slightly rougher environment most G1 is likely to encounter.

Aside from the bend, assembly was easier than the small scale. You have something to grip and the nickel solders exceptionally well even to brass. I tinned the vertical on each step and just heated the joint when made and the solder flowed with no mess. Lovely - I think I could get to like this scale.

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