Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beatties - 1975

1975 BagThanks are due to Christopher Rabson for this bit of model railway archeology - a genuine Beatties carrier bag from 1975, an even more impressive find than my 1980's example.

Looking at the addresses on the front, I thought I recognised the High Holburn one as a ModelZone shop but according to Google, it's now  McDonalds. The model shop is down the road a bit at 202.

Or is it ?

A quick search online reveals that the ghost of Beatties still exists:

What's going on here ? Spooky.

Anyway, does anyone recognise any of the other addresses ? Are any of them hosting model making related shops or they all fast food joints ?


Chris Nevard Model Railways said...

I bet you carry that bag to all the shows with you packed spam sarnie lunch and thermos?

Phil Parker said...

Nope - sadly it's not mine. But is there a hint of retro cool in that idea ? Perhaps there is a business in recreating all those old toy train store carrier bags for use at shows. It would be safer than rucksacks !

James Finister said...

112 was, of course, originally the Basset-Lowke shop and gave its number to their popular freelance tank loco

Andy from Workshopshed said...

I'm sure that the ModelZone shop is where the old Beatties used to be.

There also used to be a Beatties in Carlisle on Louther street, that's long gone now.

If found some others here.