Monday, October 24, 2011

Rail-ex Taunton: The photos

OK, so we are back from Taunton. The layout is unloaded and needs to be packed away. That can wait for tomorrow, as can writing a decent report on the show adventure.

In the meantime though, here are some photos:

Aldbury Town Station

Aldbury town is a GWR micro layout. I loved it despite all that copper-cap greenery going on. It's a great example of a layout anyone could built. Every building is easily identifiable as a well-known kit - at least to proper model railway anoraks like myself. The skill is in building and then blending the elements together to produce a coherent whole, something the builder has done very well.

Dagnel End Station

Dagnall End deservedly won the public vote. It's full of life, has loads of detail and really seems like a bit of London. Admittedly, one compressed into a small space but all the features are there. You even get a tube line underneath, and buildings that have been sliced in half and modelled with interiors. Not perhaps something to appeal to the hard nosed railway fan, but the sort of thing loved by the human members of the visiting public.

See more of this model on the Redditch MRC website.

Zeplin Railcar

Finally, spotted on Eurobahn Zwel, a Zeplin Railcar. Powered by it's propeller, the model was vibrating rather than racing along. Yet again the plucky Brits showed the Bosh how to do this sort of thing years ago with the Triang Battlespace Turbo car !

See all my photos from the show on Flickr

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